Small Living Room Makeovers

  • Whatsapp – As anyone who has lived in a one-bedroom apartment will tell you, no matter how attractive a pre-war apartment is, small spaces come with their sacrifices. And when you are an avid movie watcher like all of us, one of the things to keep in mind is where to place the TV; especially where to place it without affecting your style (and space).

Small Living Room Makeovers

Small Living Room Makeovers

Luckily, small living room ideas with TV are the specialty of our interior design team. Whether framed with open shelving or nestled among your favorite objects, there are many ways to make your technology feel like a natural extension of your space. All it takes is a little creativity and finesse to keep it from sticking out like a sore thumb. Read on for designer-favorite small living room ideas that will make your TV feel like home.

Collected + Cozy Cottage Living Room Makeover

Choose a more minimalist look and take advantage of vertical wall space by mounting your TV. It keeps your small living room from feeling too cluttered and gives your furniture space to breathe (Illustration A: pair of conversation-friendly chairs above).

Try mounting your TV on an open table instead of a traditional console. It frees up much-needed space for decorative baskets and open shelves filled with the things you love, so the TV blends in with your living room instead of standing out.

We love the bookshelf that doubles as a multimedia console. Here, transparent doors showcase an eclectic arrangement of bookshelves and pretty vases, making your TV arrangement feel like an intentional (and less distracting) design moment. more uncomfortable).

You can never have too much storage space when it comes to small living rooms. Here, a TV can easily fit alongside books, objects, and storage boxes in this open shelving arrangement. Pro tip: Try not to overcrowd your shelves; Add a TV to the mix and the scene will seem a bit crowded.

Living Room Makeover {reveal}

When your small space is used as a living room and dining room, this stylish floating panel provides the right frame for the TV without sacrificing style and space. Complete the look with a rug and patterned bag that will help separate your binge-watching area from your dinner spot.

Even the tightest spaces can be transformed into TV viewing areas when you use your mind and creativity. Here, two ottomans replace a bulky sofa or sofa while still having enough room to put your feet up and enjoy the screen.

In a small living room with lots of windows, sometimes the best place to place the TV is above the fireplace. In this case, use it as a focal point to place your seating area around it. Matching sofas facing each other help anchor the room, while a pair of airy accent chairs fill the open space.

Small Living Room Makeovers

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of light in your small space, decorate it with a sofa that stands out in front of the window. And long, light-filtering curtains easily block out any glare as you return to the tube. Complete the look with a pair of side-by-side armchairs that create a light and airy feel against this substantial Chesterfield-style sofa.

Ranch Style Living Room Before And After Pictures

Do you like entertainment? We love that this console also doubles as a stylish bar (and less of a media setup). Interesting lighting and thoughtful décor like tall plants also draw attention away from the TV, creating a small, party-ready space.

Just because there is a TV in the property doesn’t mean there can’t be plenty of seating in the property. Place an accent chair (or in this case, a comfortable recliner) across from your couch to help anchor your conversation area. This way, your TV won’t feel like the focal point of your space, and your guests will have plenty of room to sit.

Owning a small space doesn’t mean you have to say no to partitions. In fact, practical dividers are created for them thanks to comfortable open backless couches. We love how these styles keep your space open while still providing the seating you need for binge-watching.

Don’t be afraid to blow things off the walls in a small space, especially for conversational and practical purposes. Here, the designer surrounded the media area with matching accent chairs, creating a cozy conversation nook and a fitting TV lounge. This layout makes the space extremely functional without sacrificing style.

Reveal: Organic Modern Living Room Transformation On A Budget

Want expert advice about your real home directly from an interior designer? Start with our style quiz to work one-on-one with design experts. Work on frugal decorating tips and budget-friendly styling ideas. We hope to bring you more of the topic and make it a relevant resource in a sea of ​​changes in budgets and new construction.

We want to inspire first-time home buyers, apartment renters, or whatever the case may be.

Before moving into our own house, we lived in a small apartment. Of course, I decorated our small apartment-sized living room. So I’ve collected some tips and tricks over the years when it comes to decorating a small living room in general.

Small Living Room Makeovers

We’ll even be decorating our little living room at the summer house next year, so stay tuned! We share new blog posts three times a week and also share lots of easy design tips on Instagram.

Living Room Trends To Try In 2023

For context, we are a family of four and we all live in a 1200 square meter three bedroom bungalow. It’s my favorite house I’ve ever lived in and it was a fun challenge to work and renovate one room at a time.

Today I finally reveal how to decorate our small living room and share tips on how to decorate around the sofa as well as advice on how to find great deals on Facebook Marketplace.

This is what the living room looked like the day we first visited the house and the day we made an offer. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t bargain on this deal. I think I can achieve something great with these. One thing I will say is that I didn’t realize how stained the carpet was until we moved in.

This is how our living room was arranged after the move. It has gone through many transitions to get to this point.

Best Budget Friendly Living Room Makeover Ideas For 2023

One of the biggest things that held me back at first was using some of the furniture as placeholders and keeping decorations that were given to us. But that’s a whole other topic, but the gist of the story is that I really had to compromise on what I wanted to keep and what I didn’t want to keep.

We gave the sofa from our old apartment to my sister in her new apartment. Instead, we were given a sofa by my late grandmother, whose style I admired.

I can honestly tell you that this is not my dream sofa, but it is what we have now and I want to be honest about it.

Small Living Room Makeovers

Maybe you can understand, so I wanted to share some simple tips I got when styling a regular sofa.

Makeover Takeover: Jess’ Long Awaited (small Space) Living Room Reveal

Handmade sofas come in different shapes, sizes and colors and none of them is your choice. Sometimes we pass on items as placeholders until we can save up enough money to buy the sofa or piece of furniture we want. But I also want to share a message that I think is very relevant to our situation (and maybe yours too).

We are visual creatures and with the advent of social media, we are constantly bombarded with the newest, most expensive options. That’s why it’s even more important to learn to love the things you already have.

Things like sofas and these are simple style tips I learned while designing my own handmade sofa.

When it came to styling our beige sofa, I knew beige would be a problem. But it was hard for me to let go because I knew my grandmother cared very much for her. She is proud of it and don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing in her room. It fits her vibe and aesthetic perfectly.

Living Room Makeover Reveal

As you can see, we decided to make some changes. Lighter pillows blend together so I chose something a little more colorful instead. I would love to add yellow, green and striped pillows. By the way, all the colorful pillows are linked below.

We have collaborative plans to renovate this space this spring, which we’re excited to share.

Believe it or not, the fireplace was stolen! After looking for a fireplace for weeks, I found this one on Facebook Marketplace. The seller texted me asking if I could come pick it up right away because he was just ready to give it away

Small Living Room Makeovers

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