Wall Decor For The Sitting Area

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algeriasolidarity.org – A large, blank living room wall can quickly transform in an hour, but a nuanced, artfully arranged one can enhance the space as a whole. “A beautifully decorated wall in a living room is essential,” says interior designer Nikki Klugh of Nikki Klugh Design Group. “A particularly large wall can act as a focal point, so it’s essential to make sure it’s designed in a way that makes an impact.”

Fortunately, with a little preparation and the right decorations, interior designer Beth Diana Smith says you can turn any partition into a clean display. “Without proper planning, there can be awkward gaps in position when hanging wall art or decor,” she says. “To avoid numerous holes in the wall, I recommend tracing each piece of art onto kraft paper, aligning everything with kraft tape, and then moving the kraft paper as needed until you get the placement right.”

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Wall Decor For The Sitting Area

If you’re looking for wall decor for a living room and want to keep things fresh but tidy, Smith suggests hanging some oversized artwork. “For this look, I recommend using a few pieces of the same size to make the space feel thoughtful and expensive,” she says.

Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay In

Can’t find (or can’t afford) any large-scale artwork to hang on your wall? Klugh says creating a salon-style display with smaller pieces is the next best thing. “Filling your living room wall with a collage allows you to bring several pieces together to create one large work of art,” she says. “Depending on the dimensions you’re working with, the collage can be linear or organic – just remember to plan it out before you put it on the wall to make sure you get the effect you want.”

If you have floating shelves in your home, consider stocking them with your favorite photos. “If you add floating shelves to the walls, you can use the space for storage,” adds Sara Barney of BANDD DESIGN. In addition to photos, you can use the area to highlight artwork and other decorative accents in a functional way.

A little wallpaper can go a long way. “Patterned wallpaper turns the entire wall into a work of art,” says Smith. “If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, my favorite solution is to buy some funky or fun wrapping paper and then frame pieces of it in a series, giving you the flexibility to change your wall decor often and with ‘ a new aesthetic. without breaking the bank.”

To introduce depth and dimension, Klugh recommends adding an architectural feature such as baseboards or crown molding. “Purchase some wood planks at your local home improvement store and install them on the wall in the pattern you want to add a layer of interest,” she says. “Adding an architectural element to your wall will help inject some character into your space.” If you can’t add trim or molding to the wall, Smith says floating shelves are a smart (and storage-friendly) alternative.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas From Designers

For an alternative approach, Smith says you can always rely on accent furniture to help fill a wall space. “Adding a sculptural table, accent chair, or even a decorative staircase is a great way to break up the space,” she says. “In my own home, I have a wooden ladder that I use to layer woven blankets, creating an elegant storage solution that minimizes clutter.”

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Wall Decor For The Sitting Area

Designing a living room is much more than finding the perfect couch with the sink right inside. While building comfortable seating is certainly important, living room wall decor ideas are key to making your space feel more personal, beautiful, and interesting.

Pretty Ideas For Living Room Corners

But if you’re wondering how exactly to decorate your walls, you’re in luck. Our interior designers shared all the best ideas for living room wall decoration, from installing wallpaper and adding architectural details to hanging three-dimensional objects and using accent lighting. Whatever look you choose, you’ll find inspiration in this list.

And there is no need to limit yourself to just one of these living room wall decor methods. Combining several ideas, such as an accent wall with floating shelves or bold drapes around artwork, will produce the most convincing results. As long as you give your walls some love, you’ll be in good shape.

Paint is an easy way to liven up your living room—and all you need is one can to create an accent wall. A tone-on-tone look, such as a dusty rose accent wall surrounded by pale pink adjacent walls, adds subtle intrigue. If you’re brave enough to try a stark contrast, opt for a fun color like bright blue or rich olive green in an otherwise white room (just like fashion icon and client Blair Eadie).

Thanks to the invention of temporary, peel-and-stick wallpaper, patterned walls are no longer a lifelong commitment. This means that festive prints are a realistic option, even if you like to change the design often. Dip your toe in the water by applying removable wallpaper to a single wall behind your couch, or take the plunge and wrap your entire living room in it.

Best Accent Wall Design Ideas

Just because your home doesn’t already have beautiful architectural details doesn’t mean you can’t install them. Elevate your living room with moldings, wainscoting, planks and battens or flagstone, each of which adds texture and dimension to flat walls in its own way. Vertical details help draw the eye upwards and make rooms with low ceilings feel higher (a designer secret).

Peel and stick technology is not only for wallpaper, but also extends to tiles and artificial stone. You can use peel and stick materials to create the exposed brick wall of your dreams or the marble bar backsplash you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the price. And none of the construction or mess.

If you don’t have a lot of wall space to decorate, focus on your windows and trim to add character to your living room. Painting window frames and trim a contrasting color (like Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, featured here) will make them pop and draw the right attention.

Wall Decor For The Sitting Area

Large artwork is one of our favorite ideas for living room wall decor, whether you choose to hang a single massive print as a focal point or pair two large complementary pieces for big impact. Large tapestries and tapestries can also make a splash, while adding much-needed texture and movement to the space.

Best Wall Art Ideas For Every Room

Gallery walls are a classic for a reason: they work! This tried-and-true method of hanging art can manifest itself in many different ways, from a modern gallery wall using matching frames of the same size, to a nostalgic gallery wall with cohesive black and white photos, to an eclectic gallery wall. combining a wide range of media, colors, shapes and sizes.

From the virality of Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose mirror to the 1970s revival of Ettore Sottsass’ Ultrafragola mirror, mirrors are having a moment. Consider hanging a designer mirror on the wall behind the sofa or placing a standing mirror against a blank wall to reflect light and make the room feel larger.

Think outside the box and use household items as living room wall decor. For a cozy look, get vintage plates or cookware and create a display. If you love to travel, collect woven baskets from every place you visit and hang them up for all to see. Such three-dimensional displays are a feast for the eyes.

Instead of hanging framed art with pegs and hooks, place a picture border to highlight your favorite pieces. Picture shelves offer the ability to change art frequently, which is especially useful if you have a large collection. Plus, the look is a bit more modern and streamlined than the traditional gallery wall.

Creative Ideas For Living Room Wall Decor

Search your local salvage yards and vintage stores to find a lovely antique mantle. Then use it to create a faux fireplace that will give your living room a classic elegance. It doesn’t matter that you can’t activate a

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